Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there lived a fair maiden. Many a storm had she weathered until one day, she stumbled upon a dark haired prince. The two married and began to live happily ever after. It was not long before the fair maiden swelled with child. They were to have a daughter.

But soon after a fairy brought news of the gender of their sweet child, demons came to take residence within the happy couple’s home. With the strength of a monsoon, the infant arrived far too soon onto the earth. She clung to life while bringing a mixture of panic and joy to the happy couple; but alas, it was not meant to be. The tiny infant died and the couple mourned their loss.

Days and weeks passed until one day, the Winter Solstice arrived. The fair maiden baked cookies for the festivities despite her dark mood. As her hands worked feverishly into the night, she lamented the babe that was to be nursing at her breast. She began her last batch of cookies and out she pulled her copper cookie cutters, tried and true.

None gave her pause save the small winter hat. It no longer was simply a hat, but rather reminded her of the tiny angel that had graced her life for nine weeks. The fair maiden went to put the hat aside for fear of the pangs of grief it would surely bring. Instead, the fair maiden pushed forward and made hat cookies with all the strength she could muster. For the fair maiden, the hat reminded her of the joy of holding that tiny babe in her arms.