After speaking with the surgeon team and the hematologists, a plan has been devised.  They are exploring a condition called Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (NAIT) as a possible reason for Olivia’s decreasing platelet levels.  They are going to attempt a treatment for this condition and see if it brings up Olivia’s platelet levels.  If it does not, Olivia will have a laparotomy on Tuesday.

The doctor reminded us yet again of the outcomes from a possible NEC infection and what they may find during the laparotomy.  It was a reminder of just how serious NEC can be.  This coming week is sure to be daunting for us.  Olivia still has many positives in her favor:  relatively clear brain ultrasounds, a recent eyes look good rom the ophthalmologist, no clinical signs of illness and relatively low oxygen requirements.  It will be a few more days of uncertainty before we find out.  At least we should have some answers soon.