No Go

The PDA ligation has been postponed due to another precipitous drop in Olivia’s platelet count.  Yesterday, it had been at 78.  This morning, it was at 37.  The team decided to collect samples for testing of specific fungal and bacterial infections.  Olivia was placed back on her antifungal medication.

Hematology was also called to discuss possible reasons for a fall in platelet counts.  As her red and white blood cells have remained steady, the drops in platelet levels lends an air of mystery to the situation.  Hematology will most likely draw a bone marrow sample when the PDA ligation is complete (to piggy back on that great anesthesia!) to check for issues with her bone marrow.  That being said, the hematologists feel there must be something consuming her platelets as the body’s usual response to a transfusion is for the count to stay high for at least a few days.

A repeat head ultrasound showed no evidence of bleeding.  There was some evidence of fluid outside the brain, but no hydrocephalus.  The team sees no reason to be concerned and is quite pleased with the condition of her brain.  Olivia’s bowels are also not showing any signs of recurrent problems and she did stool yesterday. Her vitals all remain stable (heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure) and the settings on her ventilator stable as well.

We are back to waiting, hoping and praying for better outcomes.  God willing, the cultures will not grow anything and later this week they will be able to complete the PDA ligation.