Matters of the Heart

Olivia is scheduled to have surgery Monday afternoon dependent upon her platelet levels.  Today, those levels had dipped precipitously yet again.  She was given another platelet transfusion.  I assume she may get another prior to her surgery.  A brain ultrasound came back with no new bleeds or clots, there is no evidence of clotting in her central line nor her major veins and arteries.  Her blood cultures came back negative as well.  Her low platelet count can most likely be attributed to her severe prematurity in addition to their probably having waited too long to check her platelet levels.  Fingers crossed that all goes well and this surgery takes place Monday!

The head of pediatric surgery and the surgeon who performed her drain operation (my FAVORITE doctor we have met thus far) will be performing the operation.  This lends a feeling of comfort to the whole ordeal.  The head of pediatric surgery is renowned for a procedure called ECMO ( that has saved many infants and children at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Olivia continues to be stable in her vital signs.  She was up to 1001 grams (1 kilogram!!!) today which means she is large enough for any bowel surgery required, although it may not be necessary.  As she opens her eyes, it is clear she is more attentive and mature.  Her diapers, once too large to even close, have become more fitting.  She is even just a tad bit chubby–although it may be due to edema, her double chin has deemed her “Jabba the Hut.”

Last Saturday, the sugar booger accidentally became extubated.  The doctor who initially rounded on Olivia was on call that night and took a few pictures for us of her unventilated face as she knew we would be excited to finally really see her.  The tubes and lines may appear disturbing, but once you look past them, you see a growing baby!  We have enjoyed these photos daily and are eager to enjoy her face once the PDA ligation is past us and Olivia begins to work her way off ventilation.

IMG_0505  IMG_0503