Double pounder!!!





Yesterday, Olivia hit a milestone–two pounds! Mike and I have recounted how large the babies all seemed in comparison to Olivia when we first joined the NICU.  She is now the size of those babies we thought appeared so large!  This is certainly comforting to experience.

It is clear that Olivia will need the PDA ligation.  She still has reversed diastolic blood flow which prevents her intestines from fully being able to move materials.  Late last night, I was startled to see “Children’s NICU” pop up on the caller ID of my phone.  Olivia had a few bruises from a lead and some tape removed from her skin.  The nurse thought to inquire with the doctors regarding these and her platelet count was checked.  It was EXTREMELY low, which I was informed could signal an infection.  She was started on antibiotics immediately; however, her vital signs all remained stable.

Her vitals remained stable last night and through today as well.  Her blood cultures were negative, but will be rechecked over the course of the next two days.  Later in the day, a hospitalist, as they are known, came by to inform me they are checking for possible blood clots.  Olivia had another ultrasound to check for blood clots in her abdomen.

These events are delaying the scheduling of the PDA ligation.  Whether it is an infection or a blood clot, the conditions are treatable and not concerning to the medical team as of yet, especially as her vitals are still stable.  Hopefully no infections will be present in her blood cultures tomorrow and there will be no evidence of a blood clot!  We are anxious to move on to the next chapter in Olivia’s development.  In order for her to begin really growing, she needs to begin feeding and she absolutely needs to transition from the ventilator.