Another Great Day


Olivia was officially one month old yesterday.  We brought cupcakes for the nurses and medical staff to celebrate.  The little sugar booger is looking more like a baby and her belly is getting better.  She did another poop while we were changing her diaper again yesterday to which we all cheered.  Hooray for functioning intestines!  The fellow also informed me she feels the PDA might actually close on its own.  She did acknowledge this may be her own wishful thinking, but she thought the murmur sounded quieter yesterday and they are managing to wean Olivia’s oxygen needs.  Her ventilator began sounding an alarm yesterday as there is a leak in her tube–she’s growing too large for the tube that she has now.  As there is a leak, she is actually functioning with less help from the ventilator.  She may be transitioned to CPAP within a few days.  We will see how this goes!


Mike was able to take a turn at holding Olivia yesterday.  I can picture the road we are on now…she will get whatever she wants from him!  She is daddy’s little girl for sure!