Making Progress

It has been a week since Olivia’s drain was inserted.  While we still are not clear on whether or not the perforation is still open and the extent of the damage, Olivia has been healing in leaps and bounds.  We were told by our nurse that Olivia has far exceeded the medical team’s expectations!  She has been very stable for an entire week!  They have removed most of the medicinal supports for Olivia and she is holding her own!  They will cease two of the drugs this evening and of course restart any if her blood pressure dips.

Today, they transitioned Olivia from her high frequency Jet ventilator back to just the conventional ventilator.  Again, she had great blood gasses and remained stable all day–NO desats or bradycardias!  We have been told that upon surgeon approval tomorrow, we will be able to hold Olivia for the first time.  This is known as Kangaroo Care and is a widely researched and well established method in helping premature infants thrive.  It involves skin-to-skin contact between mother and child (or father).  We are so excited!  Hopefully, we will have pictures to post tomorrow and sweet moments to share.