27 weeks

Olivia has officially made it to 27 weeks adjusted gestational age.  They actually qualified her as 24 weeks 4 days at birth, so technically she is 27 weeks 4 days.  We assumed based on what we were told by our doctor in regards to due dates and ultrasounds that she was 24 weeks at birth.  We will take those 4 extra days of in utero development!!!

Olivia defecated three times yesterday through her regular route!  Today the surgeon came by and pushed on her belly to see if she could get more out of the drain.  It pushed out more meconium.  Olivia has since pushed out more through her drain on her own.  She is holding steady with her oxygen levels and heart rate, but her blood pressure has decreased slightly.  They are giving her additional fluids and may put her on a small dose of dopamine again.  They are keeping a vigilant eye on it.

There are no guarantees as to what Olivia’s bowel conditions are; however, the fact that she is defecating means that inflammation is being alleviated, a very good sign treatments are healing her.  We will have to wait to see if once they begin feeding, a few weeks from now, if she continues to defecate or we go back down that slippery slope.  At that time, surgery would be possible to find out the status of the damage and resect the bowel.

Little miss is feeling much more herself the past few days.  She’s been kicking and moving her arms around, giving nurses the stink eye and pushing back a bit.  I just love our sassy baby girl!  Today I got to hold her hands for the first time as the nurse cleaned her drain.  It was a sweet moment for me.  More and more I just want to swoop her up, swaddle and snuggle her.  Keep growing my sweet Olivia so mommy can enjoy some kangaroo care with you!