On Wednesday, Olivia met some milestones:

  • She opened one eye for the first time! Yesterday, she opened both!
  • She took in 1mL of breast milk every 12 hours…and she tolerated it!  She will move up to 1mL of breast milk every 6 hours today.
  • She was taken off the Dopamine for her blood pressure.

While the good news and good days continue, Olivia has some hurdles she needs to overcome:

  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome–thus far, it has not been a complication, but it can quickly become one as she is ventilated.
  • There are some signs her PDA may close on its own.  It still remains a concern as of now.
  • INFECTION!  There is always this risk.  I am quickly becoming a germophobe and it scares me :/

We are so over the moon for her!  Everyday that special Olivia place in our hearts grows larger.  While she came out fighting, she has a sweetness to her and really tolerates some of the exasperating things the medical staff must do out of necessity very well.  So she is sweet and sassy.  The kind of girl to kick ass and take names.